What does Ink Waves do and what do you sell?

Primarily printing, any kind of printing, in fact we can pretty much get anything printed in just about any way you want it printed.

We also offer many other services including design and layout.  We specialize in wide format for signs, displays, trade show or any other large graphic like props.


What are your fees and how much do you charge?

We don’t have set prices…meaning that since every customer and what they need printed varies, we estimate every job base on those particulars.

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with an estimate just for you.


How long does it take to get a job printed?

If we stock the materials for your job it usually only takes a couple of days.  If your job is unusually complex or require special materials we will estimate the production time based on those factors.


Can I get it now?

Same day printing is sometimes possible but it depends on our workload.  We don’t generally like to push back production of one customer for another.

If we have time in our production schedule to do it same day, we will.  No extra charge!


How do I pay you, can I get terms?

First time customers are cash or credit card. For repeat clients we can set-up billing for you and your company with a simple form.


Question not answered here? Click here to ask us. Thanks!